Josh and Reva: A Love Story

Welcome to Josh and Reva's homepage! Here you will find a history of the couple's stormy romance, as well as many pictures of the happy couple and their family. We are still building this site, so check back often to see what's been added.
A Complete History of Josh and Reva
The Lewis Family Photo Album
The Men of Springfield

Relive some vintage Reva and Josh conversations! Some transcripts of scenes involving Josh and/or Reva:

Transcribed and sent in by Eric McKinney

Josh and Reva and the kids at Christmas
Reva tells Josh about Annie
Reva confronts Annie
Rusty comes to pick up the kids
Reva and Josh at Cross Creek

The infamous Fountain Scene, transcribed by Lori Rathert. Thanks, Lori!
The Fountain Scene

Josh and Reva's
wedding at Cross Creek

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