The Lewis Family Photo Album

H.B. Lewis

The Late Larry Gates as Harlan Lewis H.B. with Josh and Billy
H.B. giving Reva some advice A great shot of Reva and H.B.

Billy, Vanessa, and Nadine Lewis

Jordan Clarke as Billy Lewis Jordan as Billy again
Jordan as Billy Jordan as Billy
Billy's true love, Vanessa Maeve Kincaed as Vanessa Lewis
Just for fun I threw in some pictures of Nadine. Jean Carroll as Nadine Cooper Lewis
Nadine in a vintage Nadine outfit Billy and Nadine
Billy and Nadine again

Krista Tesreau as Mindy Lewis

Krista leaning against a car Krista on One Life to Live
Mindy and her true love, Rick Krista again
Another shot of Krista on OLTL

Josh and Reva's Family

A black and white picture of Josh and Reva Another black and white pic
Josh and Reva in color Josh and Reva again
Josh and Reva kissing Josh and Reva
Josh and Reva Josh, Shayne, and Marah
Josh and Shayne Reva and Marah
Shayne Lewis Marah Lewis
Marah again A lousy picture of Josh and Reva's wedding
A good picture of Josh and Reva's wedding Dylan Lewis
Dylan again

Robert Newman as Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis Josh again
Another shot of Josh More Josh
Josh! I have a lot of pictures of Josh
Wait, there's more... And more...
Guess who? Josh Lewis
Autographed Josh More Josh
Josh and Annie Josh and Annie again
Josh and Harley Josh, Reva, and Annie
Josh and Sonni Josh and Tangie
And another of just Josh Josh and Annie

Kim Zimmer as Reva Shayne

Reva in a vintage Reva outfit Reva again
Reva Shayne I have a few pictures of Reva too
Reva again And Reva
Reva Shayne Reva and Rusty Shayne
Rusty and Reva Just Rusty (hey! he's a Shayne!)

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