The Unstoppable Dinah Marler!

Wendy Moniz as Dinah Marler

Dinah Marler, currently portrayed by the lovely and talented Wendy Moniz, is the daughter of Vanessa Chamberlain and Ross Marler. Born during Vanessa's troubled teenagehood, she was given up for adoption and raised in, of all places, the carnival. She came to Springfield as a tough tomboy and developed a special bond with India's adopted daughter. Not long after, the role of Dinah was recast with Paige Turco, a much softer, more innocent-looking actress. The character was then taken from street-wise tomboy to naive do-gooder. She dated Cameron until he cheated on her, then she dated Alan-Michael until he married Harley, then she went to Paris and was gone from the Springfield scene for a few years.

When she returned she was being played by Wendy Moniz, and the character had transformed into spoiled rich girl. She came back to Springfield bitter about her strained relationship with her mother and looking to get her hands on her trust fund. She played Ross and Blake against each other, as well as Vanessa and Matt, trying her best to ruin both relationships. She never did get her hands on the trust fund until she married Roger Thorpe, who then stole all the money. Hart came back to town, and the two of them worked together in the infamous "gaslighting of Roger" storyline to convince Springfield that Roger was crazy and steal back Dinah's money. Since then Hart and Dinah have been a couple with a turbulent relationship to rival Holly and Roger's.

Now, as much as I normally adore Wendy/Dinah, I am going to have to take Cassie's side in the most recent battle over Hart. Dinah has gone from fighting the basically pathetic Bridget Reardon (sorry, Bridget fans, I love her but her play for Hart was pathetic) to fighting a more worthy adversary: the beautiful Cassie Layne. Hart chose Cassie, and personally I am really happy about that. I think Hart and Cassie are great together and I am really enjoying their storyline.

As for Dinah, somehow she has made this breakup and her failed "surprise wedding" out to be her mother's fault. Although I am not all that crazy about Vanessa, I think it's pretty strange that Dinah swore revenge against her mother instead of Cassie. Once Vanessa got sick Dinah kind of blew off the revenge thing, though, and went with a new tactic. She sprang Cassie's ex-husband Rob Layne from the halfway house in Chicago where he was doing time and brought him to Springfield to win Cassie back away from Hart. So far it's not working, but Dinah and Rob have far from given up. Rob is just Dinah's type, she will probably fall for him any day now and he'll break her heart.

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