Bridget Reardon

Bridget Reardon

Bridget Reardon, portrayed by Melissa Hayden, arrived in Springfield as a wild teenager with a biker boyfriend named Elvis. She moved in with her uncle Ed Bauer in the hopes that his influence would straighten her out. She became fast friends with Kat Speakes, and the two of them managed to stir up plenty of trouble in town. Eventually Elvis got a little rough with Bridget and she sent him packing, proving to her fans that she was not a helpless female soap character. Bridget has had her share of man troubles and heartbreak, but she is definitely not a pushover.

When Hart Jessup came to town Bridget was smitten right away, and although he was in love with Julie Camiletti she got him to sleep with her anyway. Naturally this resulted in her getting pregnant, something she felt she couldn't tell her family. Nadine Cooper, desperate to keep Billy Lewis, found out Bridget was pregnant and convinced her to live in the Lewis' attic until she gave birth, turning the baby over to Nadine when it was born. Bridget did this, but she instantly regretted her decision. Vanessa found out and Billy left Nadine, and Vanessa agreed to raise Peter as hers. Billy and Vanessa adopted Bridget's baby, but Bridget went to Ed and told him everything, and he helped her fight for custody.

Bridget's greatest ally throughout her custody battle was Dylan Lewis, Billy's son. Bridget and Dylan were always friends, but their friendship was put to the test when Bridget stormed into his wedding to Julie Camiletti and announced that Julie had slept with Hart the night before. Julie almost convinced Dylan that it was all a big misunderstanding, but at the last minute he caught her in her lie and dumped her. He and Bridget kept growing closer after that, and finally they fell in love. He was great with Peter while Hart was an absentee father, and they were very happy together until Dylan was blinded in an attempt on his life (another lame storyline that I never quite understood).

He went away to a blind school and left poor Bridget to run the boarding house and Company that Ed had given her for her birthday alone, sharing custody of Peter with Vanessa. When Hart came back to town and found out he had a son, Bridget tried to win him back, but his heart belonged to Dinah, so eventually she gave up. Then Melissa Hayden got fed up with her lack of storyline and Bridget decided to go to Minnesota to be with Dylan again. She left Nola and Jay in charge of Company and the boarding house and we haven't seen her since, although Peter came back with Dylan for H.B.'s funeral.

Bridget, Peter, and Roger Bridget and Kat


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