Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon

Vanessa Reardon, portrayed by Maeve Kincaid, has been a staple of Guiding Light for years. She came to town with her father, the late Henry Chamberlain, a business partner of the Spauldings. As a wild teenager she had an affair with Ross Marler and gave birth to Dinah, who she gave up for adoption. She used to be a troublemaker but she settled down as she got older and fell in with the Lewises.

She married Billy Lewis a couple times, and they have two children, Bill Jr. and their adopted son Peter. Billy also has a son Dylan by Reva Shayne, and a daughter Mindy. Vanessa divorced Billy when he went to jail for the attempted murder of Roger Thorpe. She then met Matt Reardon and they married, living happily until she caught soap opera sickness and faked her death with the help of Zachary the angel. She was living in a convent in Switzerland, where with the help of Michael Burke she overcame her mysterious illness.

They travelled back to Springfield together and after an EXCRUCIATINGLY long time she finally let Matt know she was still alive. Now they are expecting a baby and they are worried that Vanessa's illness will come out of remission, but so far it hasn't. Her mother's illness has made Dinah very nervous about having children, basically destroying her relationship with Hart at the same time.

Vanessa again Matt and Vanessa Matt and Vanessa And one more... Vanessa, Henry and Bill Vanessa
The Chamberlains Henry, Vanessa, and Jenna Vanessa and Henry Ross, Dinah, and Vanessa Matt and Vanessa Mattessa's Wedding


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