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What's New at The Women of Springfield

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests I have finally put up a Roxie Shayne page! Sorry it took me so long, I'm about to move across the country so I've been busy. I have gotten more requests for a Roxie page than any other character of GL, past or present. Second runner-up would be Mark Derwin as A.C. Mallet. Go figure, the two hardest people to find pictures of on the whole internet. If anyone out there happens to know Kristi Ferrell, do me a favor and tell her we love and miss her. I'm serious, she deserves to know how many fans she still has out there, it's amazing.
Congratulations to Beth Ehlers and Grant Aleksander for their Soap Opera Digest Award for Best New Couple. Also congratulations to Laura Wright for her SOD Award for Favorite New Character! I love Cassie and Laura, I'm so glad she won!
Toby Poser and Dennis Parlato had their last airdate on March 16th. Roger and Amanda were wed and moved to California to run the West Coast division of Spaulding. Hopefully TPTB will come to their senses and get Toby back as Amanda back before long. The marriage is doomed to failure anyway.
Cynthia Watros has decided not to renew her contract with GL. This is sad news for GL fans, but I'm sure with her amazing talent and beauty Cynthia will go far in her career. I imagine after her popular guest appearance on Spin City and her role in a feature film she is planning to test the waters in Hollywood. More power to her! I'm sure we'll be seeing her turning up everywhere before long.
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