Kristi Ferrell as Roxie Shayne


Okay, I have gotten so many requests for a Roxie page that I am finally putting one up. Actually I've been meaning to for a long time, but my first problem was finding the time to do it, and my second was that I only have two pictures of Roxie/Kristi, which you see here. So if anyone happens to have any pictures of Kristi in .jpg or .gif format and you want to share them with everyone else, e-mail me. As far as I can tell Kristi Ferrell has next to no presence online, so I am thrilled to be the first to devote web space to her great portrayal of Roxie Shayne. Now, on with the history!
In 1984 Reva's love life was in shambles. She ran from her problems back to her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was reunited with her little sister, Roxie Shayne, portrayed by the great Kristi Ferrell. Roxie was living with her abusive boyfriend, Johnny "Dub" Taylor, but when Reva heard that H.B. was sick she dragged Roxie back to Springfield with her and Roxie tried to put her past with Dub behind her. Roxie met Rick Bauer and fell for him immediately, since he was the first guy who'd ever been nice to her. A jealous Mindy brought Dub to town, but Dub told Roxie that Mindy was behind his sudden arrival, and that drove Rick and Roxie closer together.

Roxie took a job as Billy's assistant at Lewis Oil and settled into life in Springfield. Soon, however, one of Lewis' clients, Kyle Sampson, began blackmailing her into having sex with him, since he knew her in Tulsa when she was a hooker. Kyle threatened to tell Rick about Roxie's shameful past if she didn't feed him information about Lewis Oil, so she was forced to betray her loyalty to Billy and the Lewises. Billy found out but forgave her when she flew to Alaska to save him from a bad deal that Kyle arranged. On her way to the airport to return to Springfield, Roxie's snowmobile overturned and she suffered amnesia and disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness.

Amnesiac Roxie found refuge in a brothel run by Diamond Lil, who began calling Roxie "Rosie Cheeks", or Rosie for short, and gave her a job as a prostitute. One of her customers was sweet Kurt Corday. While Roxie and Kurt were in bed Rick burst in and called his girlfriend a whore. Rosie of course had no idea who Rick was, and Kurt soon fell in love with Rosie, who took the last name of Smith. Kurt surprised Rosie with an Eskimo marriage festival and they honeymooned in an igloo.

Rick went back to Springfield and told Reva where Roxie was. She turned to Kyle for help and together they found Roxie and brought her back to Springfield. Kurt stowed away on the plane and attacked Kyle with a spear gun. Kyle and Reva jumped out of the plane to safety and that began their tormented relationship. Meanwhile, Roxie and Kurt settled in Springfield and started working at Company. Rick helped Roxie regain her memory, and also helped her remember that she was raped when she was twelve. Rick refused to give up on Roxie even though she felt unworthy of his love, and he began to investigate Kurt, discovering that Kurt was an illegal alien from Canada.

Meanwhile, Kurt and Mindy, who also worked at Company, fell in love and got engaged. Kurt was only allowed to stay in the country because he was married to Rosie Smith, so his residence was illegal since she was really Roxie Shayne. To keep Kurt in the country Roxie crashed Kurt and Mindy's wedding and married him again. The immigration officials gave Kurt a reprieve and he and Roxie had their marriage annulled.

When Kyle held his Sampson Girl contest in 1986, Roxie was one of the contestants alongside Mindy, Beth, and Jessie Matthews. Roxie's estranged father Hawk tried to blackmail Kyle into fixing the contest in Roxie's favor, but Kyle just laughed in his face. Roxie was disappointed when Mindy won and had an impulsive one-night stand with Jackson Fremont, which ended in embarrassment when she found a congratulatory poster he'd prematurely made for Beth. Being the Sampson Girl put a wedge between Mindy and her new husband Kurt, and she became jealous of his closeness with his ex-wife Roxie, especially when she found them asleep in one another's arms in the house he was building for Mindy. It was an innocent situation but Mindy was devastated and accidentally set fire to the house.

Hawk risked his life to save Kurt and Roxie, and Roxie and Hawk repaired their relationship. Roxie and Rick's relationship took a nose-dive when she thought she was pregnant with Jackson's baby. It turned out to be a false alarm but Rick found out about the test and she admitted to him at the same time her jealousy over his friendship with a nurse at the hospital, so they broke up. Then Johnny Bauer, Rick's cousin, came into Roxie's life. Johnny and Roxie fell in love and became one of GL's most loved couples ever. They were very happy together until tragedy struck: Johnny was diagnosed with cancer.

Roxie suggested that Johnny try holistic therapy to treat his disease, and Rick supported his decision to try it. Johnny also began pushing Roxie and Rick together, sensing their lingering chemistry and hoping that Rick would be there for his girlfriend after Johnny died. The pressure of dealing with Johnny's cancer was too much for fragile Roxie, however, and she had a breakdown. She was institutionalized just as Johnny's cancer went into remission and we haven't seen Kristi Ferrell since. Johnny dated and neared married Chelsea Reardon after he recovered, but just before their wedding he got word that Roxie was making progress in her recovery and went to be with his true love. They haven't really mentioned her condition since.

That's the history of Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne Corday. Can I just say one more thing, though? I love Kristi Ferrell and I would love to see her back on GL. She is still my favorite character of all time (not even Cassie is cooler than Roxie) and I hope that Roxie and Johnny come back to Springfield. Soon. I know that's not actually going to happen, but I can hope!

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