Nadine Cooper

Nadine Cooper

Nadine Cooper, portrayed by Jean Carroll, was killed off the show last year by Brent Lawrence, Lucy Cooper's rapist/stalker. Some fans are still mourning the loss of Nadine, mother of Harley and Frank, and ex-wife of Buzz Cooper. She added a comic energy and warmth to the show that will be missed for a long time. Nadine was also married to Billy Lewis, and she pretended to be pregnant to keep him away from Vanessa. She kept Bridget Reardon hidden up in the attic of her house while Bridget was pregnant with Peter, planning to raise him herself when Bridget gave birth.

Eventually of course she got caught and her marriage broke up. Vanessa raised Peter with Billy for awhile, then Billy went to jail and Bridget sued for custody. During the time that Nadine was faking her pregnancy, Buzz came back into her life and found out about the false pregnancy. He blackmailed her for awhile, then we found out he was actually her ex-husband. Nadine tried to win back him for awhile and she nearly did, but then Jenna came along and that was the end of her chance with Buzz. She was dating Carol, a trucker, when she got killed. It was all very tragic. For awhile there were rumors flying around the internet that Jean would be reprising her role as Nadine, but whether or not she would be a ghost or actually resurrected was unclear. At any rate, the rumors haven't come true yet.

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