Lillian Raines

Springfield's Florence Nightingale

Tina Sloan has portrayed Nurse Lillian Raines since 1983. When she arrived in Springfield she was married to Bradley Raines, and she had one daughter, Beth. Beth was a troubled teenager, troubled mainly because she was being abused by her stepfather. Beth kept her stepfather's abuse from Lillian for a long time, even hiding from her the fact that Bradley brutally raped her. The truth came out when Alexandra found out the truth and had Bradley arrested, however. When Lillian discovered that Bradley was not only abusing her but also her daughter she finally divorced him and he went to prison.

Lillian blamed herself for the death of Charlotte Wheaton, a nurse at Cedars who got drunk and was sleeping off the alcohol in the wrong hospital room. Not knowing her real patient had been moved, Lillian injected Charlotte with medication that she then thought had killed the nurse. Charlotte was actually killed by a blow to the head, however, and her murdered turned out to be her sister, Alicia Rhomer. Around this time Lillian's sister Calla Matthews came to town with her teenage daughter Jessie. Beth was engaged to Lujack at the time, and Calla set her cap for her old boyfriend Ross.

In 1987 Lillian became engaged to Hawk Shayne, Reva, Roxie and Rusty's father. Their relationship was doomed, however, when Hawk's ex-wife Sarah showed up in town. Lillian's next brush with romance would not come until 1992, when she became the other woman. She had a breast cancer scare which her good friend Dr. Ed helped her through. One night during a city-wide blackout they were trapped in the Cedars parking garage and admitted their feelings for one another. They slept together once, then Ed ended the affair. Lillian wrote him a letter which he left lying around like an idiot and it fell behind the counter in the Bauer kitchen. Ed convinced Lillian to stay in town, but months later Maureen found the letter and confronted Ed about the affair at the cabin. She rushed out of the cabin and was killed while driving back to town. This was the most horrible mistake the writers at GL have ever made. They're trying to make amends now by having Maureen appear on recurring status as a ghost giving Michelle advice, but we all know it's not the same.

That's the last storyline Lillian has really had. She is in every scene at Cedars, and every once in awhile Michelle comes around and throws in her face that she and Ed killed Michelle's mom, but other than that she's just trying to convince Beth to go after Phillip. It's amazing to me that she's been on the show this long and they never do anything with her.


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