Eleni Cooper

Eleni Cooper

Melina Kanakaredes originated the role of Eleni Cooper, but was replaced by Jennifer Roszell when Melina accepted a recurring role on NYPD Blue and left Guiding Light. For a long time fans of Eleni wouldn't accept Jennifer as Eleni, but I believe that she proved herself as a member of the Cooper family when she helped Buzz and Jenna catch Jeffrey Morgan at his own game.

At a particularly low point in Frank's love life his Uncle Stavros called him from Greece to tell Frank that he'd found him a bride. Frank, being Frank, declined the offer, but Stavros tricked Frank into paying Eleni's passage to Springfield anyway. Frank was so furious when he found out that he made her work in the diner to pay him back. This started them off on the wrong foot, and they were both so stubborn that they refused to admit their growing attraction to one another. Eleni dated Dylan Lewis to make Frank jealous, and when that didn't work she began to pay attention to a more serious suitor, Alan-Michael Spaulding.

It was no secret to anyone that Alan-Michael has a weakness for women that need taking care of. Alan-Michael found Eleni refreshing because she was the first woman in his life who was completely genuine about her feelings and not involved with him because she wanted something else. He fought hard to keep Eleni despite the fact that she really loved Frank. Eleni went so far as to marry Alan-Michael, believing that Frank really didn't love her when she found him in Paris in bed with another woman (that Alan-Michael planted). When she returned from Paris and was stopped by Customs after a tip from Blake, Alan-Michael rescued her by marrying her. She stayed true to Alan-Michael as long as she could because of her strong belief in the sanctity of marriage, and when she got pregnant Alan-Michael believed the baby was his.

Of course the baby was Frank's. Eleni left Alan-Michael when she found out his part in Harley's kidnapping and the bomb that nearly killed Musette, the woman he'd hired to appear in Frank's bed in Paris just as Eleni arrived to be with him. Finally, she and Frank admitted their feelings and got married. They had a rough spot when Eleni thought Frank had a one-night stand with their nanny, Julie Camelletti, but eventually the truth came out that nothing happened and they have been blissfully back-burnered ever since. Personally, I love Frank and Eleni and I hope they stay together forever.

The happy couple has one daughter, Marina, she's about Marah's age. Eleni spends most of her time running the diner and her catering business, but she also helps out the Coopers when they are in trouble. She recently travelled with Buzz to Switzerland and posed as Jenna and Jeffrey Morgan in order to get the papers incriminating Jenna out of Jeffrey's safe deposit box. Frank followed them there, thinking Eleni was having an affair, and characteristically overreacted, going so far as to arrest his wife and father. He calmed down, however, and they are back in Springfield now enjoying the holidays as well as they can, considering Buzz has no memory of his family.

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