Blake Marler

Blake Marler

Christina Blake Lindsay Thorpe arrived on the scene in 1988, portrayed by Elizabeth Dennehy. She met Alan Spaulding in Mexico, and he sent her to Springfield to spy on Phillip. She began working for Spaulding, the perfect place to keep an eye on Alan's prodigal son. Blake fell in love with Phillip, and in a fit of guilt over using him she took an overdose of sleeping pills. When Ed saved her life he discovered her true identity; she was his ex-step daughter Christina Thorpe, daughter of Holly and Roger Thorpe. Holly rushed to Springfield to care for her daughter, and the once presumed-dead Roger was not far behind.

Meanwhile, Blake got better and admitted her affair with Alan to Phillip. He forgave her and they got engaged, but before they could say "I do" their dueling fathers stopped the wedding -- Alan shot Adam Malik, and in the course of saving his life Ed revealed that Adam was really Roger Thorpe. Roger renewed his relationship with his daughter and offered to find Beth for Phillip. He, like Blake, hoped she was really dead, and when he found a coroner's report indicating she might be alive, Blake burned it. Phillip, meanwhile, grew more and more obsessed with finding Beth, even though he eloped with Blake. Blake grew so furious with Phillip's obsession that she slept with old flame Gary Swanson. Meanwhile, Beth's paintings started showing up in Springfield, and a suspicious Blake went to Neil Everest's trailer and found Beth. She was relieved to find that Beth didn't know who she was, but Vanessa found out that Blake had burned the coroner's report and told Phillip.

Desperate to keep her husband away from Beth, Blake had Phillip committed for his "delusions" about Beth. One day while Rick was visiting Phillip, however, they found Beth on the grounds. Phillip was released from the hospital, and 1990 brought his divorce from Blake to be with Beth. Alan-Michael came to the rescue, comforting Blake, now played by Sherry Stringfield, which led to a kiss. She was still sleeping with Gary even as she began the affair with Alan-Michael that would end his marriage to Harley. Desperate to hold on to the Spaulding fortune, Blake falsified a pregnancy test to trap Alan-Michael into marrying her. During their honeymoon in Costa Verde, Alan-Michael was kidnapped. Believing Gary was behind it, Blake shot him. Instead of turning her in to the police, Gary decided to hold it over her head. Roger and Holly flew to Costa Verde and rescued Alan-Michael, then Blake faked a miscarriage. When the brakes on Alan-Michael's car went out, a furious Blake tried to shoot Gary, but hit Alan-Michael instead.

While Alan-Michael languished in a coma, Blake was institutionalized for observation. Gary broke her out of the hospital and took her to an abandoned warehouse, holding her for four million dollars ransom. Alan-Michael came out of his coma just in time to say that Blake had shot him accidentally, and he and Mallet rescued her. Before he went to jail for the explosion at the Blakewood Towers, Gary told Alan-Michael that Blake had faked her pregnancy. Fed up with her lies, Alan-Michael divorced her. They patched things up eventually and parted amicably. Not long after Blake found out that Hart was her brother, something that made her feel more insecure than usual. It took her a long time to accept her brother, but now they are good friends. She dated Frank Cooper for awhile, and Alan-Michael grew closer to Eleni. Frustrated at waiting for Alex to name a permanent head of Spaulding, Alan-Michael slept with Blake, who promptly told Eleni. Try as she might, however, Blake couldn't compete with Alan-Michael's feelings for Eleni.

Upset with Holly, a newly single Blake decided to seduce Holly's boyfriend Ross Marler to get back at her mother. Ross kept the relationship secret because Blake's bad reputation would be bad for his career, but when Holly and Roger confronted them and Blake ran off Ross went after her, apologizing for his bad treatment of her. They fell in love and went public with their firy relationship. Still obsessed with Alan-Michael, however, Blake did her best to try and break up him and Eleni. She went to work for Alan-Michael, and although Alex warned her to stay away from her nephew she kept it up. Ever an enigma, Blake was also obsessed with Ross and wanted to move in with him. Ross told her to slow down, and she impulsively slept with Alan-Michael at the Bauer cabin. The next day Ross changed his mind and asked her to move in. She felt guilty about her one-night stand but moved in anyway. Ross found out (of course) about the one-night stand but eventually forgave her and they got engaged.

Ross and Blake got married on the courthouse steps in 1994 in an appropriately zany wedding. They were very happy until Ross' old girlfriend Amanda Spaulding came back to town. Amanda wanted Ross back and she didn't make it a secret. Convinced their marriage was over after Blake saw Ross kissing Amanda at the Bauer cabin, she got drunk and Rick found her and drove her home. They made love, but Ross came home and found Rick in his bathroom. He didn't think anything of it and he and Blake reconciled, making love in the shower. Not long after Blake found out she was pregnant with twins -- one Ross' and one Rick's. She kept it a secret with the help of her good friend Annie Dutton until after the twins were born, but eventually Annie turned on her and started blackmailing her to help get dirt on Reva. On her way to Rick and Abby's engagement party to confess everything to Ross, Blake was hit by a car and she and the twins were rushed to the hospital. At Cedars a distraught Rick blurted out to Ross that he was the father of one of Ross' sons.

Ross and Blake were broken up for a long time, as she begged him to forgive her and he flatly refused. Finally, at the Bauer barbecue, Ross relented and told Blake he still loved her, but she told him he had to take her as she was, flaws and all, or forget it. Then she took off to think for awhile. After a frantic call to her mother's answering machine and two police officers showing up at Ross' house, everyone thought Blake was dead, but she turned up and she and Ross reconciled. Now they are happily married again and Blake is meddling in Hart's relationship with Dinah and Ben's vendetta against Ross.

Liz Keifer as Blake Sherry Stringfield A publicity shot of Liz Kiefer Ross and Blake Ross and Blake from the GL radio show
Ross and Blake Phillip and Elizabeth Dennehy as Blake Phillip and Blake Liz and some GL cast Alan-Michael and Blake (Sherry Stringfield)


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