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Beth Raines

Beth Raines met Phillip Spaulding while he was volunteering at Cedars with his friend Rick. The daughter of nurse Lillian Raines, she was hospitalized for injuries resulting from being beaten by her abusive stepfather Bradley, but she told everyone she'd just had a bad fall. At the time Beth was played by Judi Evans, who will always be Beth to most GL fans. Now she is played by Beth Chamberlain, a more classicly beautiful woman, but also a lot more devious and less sweet than the original Beth. She's actually kind of snobby now, it's a shame. Anyway, Beth's roommate during her hospital stay was spoiled rich girl Mindy Lewis, and the four teenagers quickly became fast friends. Known as the Four Musketeers, Phillip suffered through a relationship with Mindy while Rick set his cap for Beth. Phillip and Beth couldn't deny their attraction for one another, however, and they confessed their love in the stables at Mindy's eighteenth birthday party. Bradley followed them out to the stables and scornfully told Phillip he wasn't really a Spaulding. Phillip stormed back to the party to confront Justin and Alan, leaving Beth at the mercy of Bradley. He brutally raped her, but she didn't tell anyone.

Beth rejected Phillip because of the rape, and in his hurt and confusion he turned to Mindy and they had sex. Beth moved into the boarding house to get away from Bradley, but he got a court order forcing her to move home. Phillip rescued her and whisked her away to New York, where a sidewalk Santa named Nick helped her face her rape and tell Phillip what Bradley had done to her. Mindy and Rick bonded as they travelled to NY looking for their friends, and for awhile the four of them lived there, working odd jobs and enjoying the city. It wasn't long before Bradley found them, however, and in a struggle Phillip pushed him over a cliff. He and Beth saved Bradley and warned him to stay away from Beth. Back in Springfield, Alan rehired Bradley with the intention of transferring him and his family out of town and away from Phillip. He disapproved of Beth because she came from a poor family, and wanted Phillip to stay away from her. Alan's sister Alexandra arrived back in town with a grudge against Alan, however, and took up for Phillip and Beth.

When she found out Bradley had raped Beth she had him arrested and he went to a psychiatric facility. Phillip and Beth were finally free to move on with their lives, but there was a catch -- Mindy Lewis was pregnant with Phillip's child. Phillip told Beth that he would always love her but he wanted to do the right thing and give his child a home with its natural mother and father, something he'd never had. He married Mindy and while he pined for Beth, she pined for Rick, with whom she'd fallen in love. Beth started dating the local rebel Lujack, who turned out to be Alex's son and Phillip's cousin by adoption. It made Phillip hate his rival even more to find out that Lujack was really a Spaulding while Phillip was not. By the time Mindy lost the baby and her marriage to Phillip fell apart, it was too late for him and Beth. Phillip conspired with Andy to ruin Lujack's plans for a new nightclub, but Andy went too far and blew the club up, blinding Beth in the process. Lujack enrolled Beth in a school for the blind and went undercover to find the truth about the explosion. Alex's ex-stepdaughter India discovered the truth first, however, and blackmailed Phillip into marrying her.

When India found Beth and Phillip growing close once again, she told Beth Phillip's role in the blast that caused her blindness. Beth angrily rejected him again but didn't tell him she knew so as to spare any more bad blood between him and Lujack. Lujack found out on his own and told Andy if he didn't confess and reveal Phillip's role he would kill Andy. Of course they Andy was killed and Lujack went to prison, where he was befriended by Bradley Raines. The real murdered turned out to be Floyd Parker. Beth stayed loyal to Lujack through his imprisonment, and when he was released they became engaged. He embarked on a singing career and his record producer brought in a rock promoter, Jackson Fremont, who took a shine to Beth and encouraged her artistic inclinations. Beth was taken hostage in a plot to kill Lujack's producer, but Lujack arrived to rescue her from Largo's yacht. The boat exploded, killing Largo and mortally wounding Lujack. He died in Beth's arms at Cedars.

At this point Phillip was recast and given a personality transplant because Grant Aleksander left GL for awhile. During this time he wrote a novel called Zanzibar, celebrating his and Beth's finding their way back to each other. He divorced India and became engaged to Beth once again, but they were not destined to be happy yet. Beth started working for a Professor Blackburn at a local museum, and in her effort to get a gold cornerstone away from India he knocked India out, shot Phillip, and held Beth hostage. Then Blackburn showed up dead and Beth was missing and presumed dead. Phillip was left alone once again to tragically pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Beth would not resurface again until 1989, when she was played for the first time by Beth Chamberlain. The first person to see her alive was Bradley Raines, now reformed and back in town. She was an amnesiac brought back to town by creepy Neil Everest, an architect. Eventually Beth regained her memory and remembered her relationship with Phillip. He was recently married to Blake Lindsay, however, who wanted her share of the Spaulding fortune. When she thought he was getting ready to leave her for Beth, Blake had Phillip committed.

Despite Blake and Neil's best efforts, Phillip and Beth found their way back to one another and made love. She found out she was pregnant and assumed the baby was Neil's, but was ecstatic to find out it was Phillip's. When Neil turned up dead of course Phillip was the prime suspect, so he got Rick to help him fake his own death to escape prosecution. While Phillip was away trying to prove his innocence, Beth and Rick grew closer. One night after her lamaze class they kissed. To throw Mallet off Phillip's trail Beth and Rick got married. When Phillip came back to town, he realized Rick was in love with Beth, but Rick knew she loved Phillip and let her go. They got married and faced punishment for stealing the corpse used in faking Phillip's death. Rick went off to Chicago, and Phillip and Beth went to Arizona together. They asked Rick to be godfather to their daughter Lizzie and we didn't see Beth again until a couple weeks ago.

Phillip came back to Springfield in 1996 to find out which of his family members framed him for the murder (it was Alan), and Beth got angry that he chose the Spauldings over her and Lizzie and divorced him. Now she is back permanently and trying to win back Phillip. So far Phillip and Harley are having a lot of problems but they're still together. Beth's abusive ex-boyfriend Carl arrived from Arizona to find out who'd been asking around about him, and he threatened both Beth and Harley. The two women have formed an uneasy alliance to bring Carl down, but rumor has it that Carl is going to be murdered and we'll be enjoying a new whodunnit for awhile. This is just internet conjecture for the time being, however.

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