Josh and Reva have been in love since they were children together in Tulsa. Reva's mother Sarah worked as a housekeeper for the Lewises, and the Lewis boys thought of Sarah as a second mother, especially after their own mother Miss Martha died. At one point when she was a teenager, Reva got involved with Billy, who to this day still wants her, I am sure of it. They had a baby, Dylan Lewis, and gave him up for adoption.

Years later, the Lewises moved to Springfield, and Reva and the Shaynes followed. Reva married H.B., Josh's father. While she was married to H.B., Josh became paralyzed and had to stay with Reva and H.B. He was very bitter about his disability and pushed Reva away, but eventually they reconciled and made love. After that Reva and H.B. divorced, and Reva became involved with Kyle Sampson. Josh went to Venezuala to work for Lewis Oil and married Sonni. After she died he came back to Springfield and reconciled with Reva, only to find Sonni wandering around Springfield very much alive.

Well, Sonni turned out to be Josh's wife's evil twin sister Solita, and after he got rid of her he and Reva could finally be happy, however briefly. They got married and had Marah and Shayne. After Shayne's birth, Reva suffered from serious post-partum depression and drove her car into the ocean while they were on vacation in Florida. Everyone assumed she was dead, so Josh went home with the kids and eventually got involved with Harley, who at that time was the nanny. One day he saw a woman on TV that looked just like Reva, so he and the kids left his fiancee Harley and beat a trail to Italy to look for her. About a year ago he came back, never having found Reva.

He briefly got involved with Tangie Hill (big character mistake, but not as big as Zachary) and then had to undergo physical therapy related to the 5th Street Fire, during which time he met nurse Annie Dutton, later to become his wife. Just before they were married Reva reappeared in Springfield. Alan Spaulding had found her in Goshen living among an Amish community. She had amnesia, of course, but slowly got her memory back as Alan reminded her of Springfield. Josh tried his best to deny his feelings for Reva and be happy with Annie, but eventually he and Reva admitted their feelings for one another. Marah was having a hard time getting used to her mother being back from the dead, and she'd finally found family happiness with Annie, after 5 years of her father pining away for her mother.

Josh and Reva had admitted their love for each other when Marah told Reva she wanted Annie and Josh to be together. Reva promised Marah she would see that it happened. Then, Reva told Josh that she had been lying and didn't really love him anymore. To convince Josh this was true so he could get on with his life with Annie and the children, Reva married Buzz. Eventually she realized she was with Buzz for all the wrong reasons and divorced him. Josh told Reva he'd leave Annie as soon as their baby was born.

Reva was cleared of murder charges from when Annie tried to frame her for pushing Annie down the stairs. Josh and Reva are together again (finally), and Reva finally knows that Cassie is her long-lost sister. Annie is on the run from the law after having her wedding to Alan Spaulding interrupted by her real husband, Eddie Banks. Reva found him in Chicago and learned that Annie faked her own death to beat a drug rap, making her marriage to Josh invalid. No one ever mentioned whether or not her marriage to Rick was still valid, but I guess Eddie came along after Rick divorced her. Annie is about to do something drastic to Josh and Reva, rumor has it she'll kidnap Reva and leaver her for dead on an airplane bound for Florida. We'll see!

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